Rogueware AQUIS 240mm Closed-Loop Liquid Cooler

  • Infinity Airspace Design Concept
  • ARGB LED & LCD Display Water Block
  • High Static Pressure Airflow Fan
  • Full ARGB Support
  • High Quality Copper Coldplate
  • Efficient & Quiet Cooling
  • Dual Chamber Water Pump
  • Up To 250W of Cooling Performance

Lighting Type: ARGB LED
Digital Display: Temperature
Radiator Dimensions: 274mm*120mm*27mm
Supported Fans: 2x 120mm
Fan Dimensions: 120mm*25mm
Fan Speed: 800RPM ~ 1800RPM ±10% RPM
Efficient & Quiet Cooling
Up To 250W of Cooling Performance
Airflow: 12.1CFM ~ 65CFM Per Fan
Tubing Length: 390mm
Pump Speed: Up To 2600RPM
Intel Socket Support: LGA115X/1200/1700/1366/2011/2066
AMD Socket Support: FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2/AM2/AM4/AM5


The Rogueware AQUIS 240mm Liquid Cooler offers a stylish and performance design aimed at offering a good balance of footprint and cooling performance for demanding components and offers incredible cooling potential and a stylish design with a high performance radiator and high flow fans to keep your PC cool and quiet and your heat under control. The Aquis 240 also features a Digital LED display in the Water Block to offer basic information at a glance.

Rogueware Water Cooling

Rogueware presents an array of cooler models tailored to suit every type of gamer. With a perfect blend of impressive performance, captivating design, and dazzling lighting effects, Rogueware AIO coolers elevate your cooling solution to the next level while adding a touch of style to your build. Experience the ultimate combination of superior cooling performance and eye-catching aesthetics with Rogueware AIO coolers, designed to enhance your gaming experience.