Rogueware 16GB DDR5 5200MHz GAMING UDIMM

  • High Performance JEDEC DDR5 for best System compatibility
  • Supports XMP3.0 For Auto Overclocking
  • Samsung/Micron Based Memory IC
  • RGB Heatsink For Ultimate Cooling
  • AMD AM5 Ready

Module Size: 16GB
Module Type: Long DIMM
Memory Speed: 5200MHz
Cache Latency (CL IDD): 40 Cycles
Row Cycle Time: 47ns
Refresh to Active Time: 305ns
Voltage: 1.1 Volt
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +85°C
Warranty: 5 Year

Rogueware Gaming Memory

Whether you’re a PC enthusiast, gamer or content creator, Rogueware Gaming Memory is the best choice for high performance memory and improved system responsiveness.